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About Us and Our Ice Age Arctic Blast Hack

So you are looking to generate golden acorns for the great Ice Age Arctic Blast mobile game? Well you have most definitely come to the right place! With our free, easy to use Ice Age Arctic Blast hack you are able to add golden acorns to your account as often as every 24 hours. Although we have taken every step to make our hack undetectable, we do however recommend that you take it easy to keep your account looking legit. For example if you were to generate 50 million golden acorns every day then of course it is going to throw up red flags in the game security, which is completely out of our control. Stick to generating amounts that can actually be purchased in the in-game store and everything will be just fine.

How to Operate Our Ice Age Arctic Blast Hack

You are probably wondering how to use our Ice Age Arctic Blast hack and this section will explain it all step by step. Honestly, it couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t matter if you have 0 hacking knowledge, everything is run online on our website and it does all the hard work for you.

Simply begin by clicking the ‘start hack’ button at the bottom of this page. This will redirect you to the Ice Age Arctic Blast golden acorns generator page. Have a quick read of the info at the bottom of that page. Now simply enter the email address that you used to download the game from the apple or google play store. Our system will then do a quick search to find the unique ID linking your email account to your game account. Once this has been found you can proceed to enter the amount of golden acorns that you require (again, try to keep it to a realistic amount). Once complete, a locker will popup which requires you to install a free app from the app store. Depending on your internet connection, this should literally only take a few seconds.  You will then get an activation code that you need to enter in to the ‘activation code’ text field. You will receive confirmation that the process in complete. You will usually receive your golden acorns within 10 minutes but it can however sometimes take up to an hour so please be patient. You may now delete the app that you installed if you want to.

Thank you for using our Ice Age Arctic Blast hack! If you have any requests for other games that you would like to see a hack for, please get in touch with us via email and we will do our best to make it happen. Happy gaming!

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